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A travel in Vietnam by motorbike of 5 days and 5 nights


A must see itinerary for those who want to discover Vietnam by motorbike and reach Sapa in only few days during the beautiful season. The landscape between Nghia Lo and Mu Cang Chai shows indeed some of the most impressive rice terraces in Vietnam, listed as a natural national heritage site.

Sinuous and calm roads, peaks reaching 1900 meters, cultivated valleys, ethnic villages, homestays; this adventure will give you a perfect insight of Vietnam. A trip to discover the North Vietnam in a short amount of time, its rural zones, the touristic but wonderful Sapa’s valley, and also the must see market in Bac Ha.

Main strenghts

Intense itinerary through the mountains

Rice terraces listed as a national natural heritage site 

Discovery of the ethnic groups of North Vietnam, their culture, their colorful market

Night in homestays

Way back by night train

English speaking guide to translate, explain and interact with local people

Ha Noi – Nghia Lo – Mu Cang Chai – Sapa – Bac Ha – Lao Cai

Detailed program

Day 1 : Hanoi - Nghia Lo

Nghia-Lo-voyage-a-moto-au-vietnam-8We are leaving the capital and the delta’s plain to head to the North-East Mountains at around 200kms. Once Son Tay town is crossed, the atmosphere is getting transformed and we can discover a quiet countryside, located west of the Red Delta. We are going through rice fields, hills and valleys, lacquer tree plantations, tea plants before entering deeply in the Mountains and its winding roads until Khé Peak.

Nghia-Lo-voyage-a-moto-au-vietnam-2Nghia Lo is located in a small valley of around 10kms and is surrounded by mountains reaching up to 1500 meters. Around 30kms before our stop, we are heading to Noong Long, village of the Tho ethnic group, for a visit. We will discover this village while riding through dense forests which covers hills, rice fields, palm tree forest, and gardens with tea plants, orange trees

We can finally see Nghia Lo and we are welcomed in a Thai house where we will spend our first night. Our village is located in the heart of rice fields, few kilometers away from the city. We will discover the daily life of the family, rhythmed with their agricultural activities.
Night in a stilt house.

: White Thai homestay / Private house / Shared room

185 km – 5h30

: Guide and motorbikes

Day 2 : Nghia Lo - Mu Cang Chai

Mu-Cang-Chai-voyage-a-moto-en-petit-groupe-au-vietnam-25Nghia Lo offers us several rides possibilities this morning. Thai villages deeper in the valley, hot springs, H’mong villages up the waterfall in front of our house or sculpted rice fields on the road leading to Tram Tron.

Heading back to our hosts for the lunch. Then, we are riding to Mu Cang Chai, not far from here but the road will be outstanding, listed as a national natural heritage site thanks to its rice terraces bordering it. We will enjoy beautiful point of views, in particular at Khau Pha Peak, and stop at few ethnic groups villages. Landing in Mu Cang Chai, we settle in a Thai house.

Night in a Thai inn / Private room

: 90 km – 3h

: Guide and motorbikes

Day 3 : Mu Cang Chai - Sapa

Mu-Cang-Chai-voyage-a-moto-en-petit-groupe-au-vietnam-29After the breakfast, we mount our motorbikes. We pass through few peaks, going along the Hoang Lien Mountain. We are now doing a stop-over at the Binh Lu-Tam Duong village, close to ethnic villages, down the mountains. Several ethnic groups such as Flower Hmong, Red Hmong, Lao, Lu Dzay live in this area. We will take this chance to visit either a Black Dao village or a Lu village.

Sapa-voyage-a-moto-en-petit-groupe-au-vietnam-42We are now heading to the highest peak of Vietnam, Tram Tron, near Sapa, rising at a height of 1900m. We will also stop at the Silver Waterfall. In the beginning of the afternoon, we will land at our hotel or at a Giay’s house. We have the rest of the day to ride through the main valley to discover the magnificent rice terraces and ethnic group villages that made Sapa famous.

: Hotel or Giay private house with shared room

140 km – 4h

: Guide and motorbikes

Day 4 : Sapa - Bac Ha

Sapa-voyage-a-moto-au-vietnam-37While arriving in the north of Vietnam, near the Chinese border, we are getting off the beaten tracks of Sapa and its surroundings, to discover a valley with its isolated villages. Through tough condition track, we will enjoy some wild landscapes, before arriving at a Red Dao Village named Ban Khoang. Afterwhile, we will pass through Ta Giang Phin, where are living Dao and Hmong ethnic groups. We arrive at the border; we follow it until Lao Cai where we stop over for the lunch.

Bac-Ha-voyage-a-moto-au-vietnam-36During the afternoon, we continue our adventure to Bac Ha, find the mountains again and climb up to 1000 meters. The journey will last more or less depending on your wishes, more riding or a little walk around our host’s house.
We will sleep at a Tay house, apart from the city, with a view upon the surrounding fields and mountains.

: Tay homestay / Private house / Shared room

140 km – 4h30

: Guide and motorbikes

Day 5 : Bac Ha - Lao Cai

bac-ha-voyage-a-moto-en-petit-groupe-au-vietnam-2The day start early in the morning to be able to enjoy one of the ethnic market of the region. They are held weekly, at different days depending on the villages. If possible, we will try to reach one of the market in the north of Bac Ha, the most authentic and remote ones. Several ethnic groups such as Flower H’mong, Black Dao, Phu La, Tay, Nung, and Giay will be there, wearing their traditional clothes for this important social event.

Marché ethnique- voyage moto vietnamTime to get back on the north road, going along the Chinese border, heading to Lao Cai while being surrounded by rice terraces, tea plants, and hills covered with pineapple plantation. We will then arrive to a small Ha Ni village that we will visit.

Landing in Lao Cai for the dinner. Way back to Hanoi by night train, 4 berths per cabin.
Arrival planned at 5:30 am.

: Night train to Hanoi / Sleeper cab

140 km – 4h30

: Guide and motorbikes

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