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A travel in Vietnam by motorbike of 9 days and 8 nights


Ha Giang is one of the most remote and atypical province of Vietnam. Traveling by motorbike on the winding roads, discovering wild landscapes on karst plateaus, meeting authentic and proud people; this is the adventure we offer you.

Every stop will be astonishing: among others, the Ba Be natural Park and its lake surrounded by cliffs, Ban Gioc, wonderful and wide waterfalls located next to the Chinese border. The itinerary will be punctuated by homestays to make this trip as warm as beautiful.

Main strenghts

Itinerary through the northern and remote Ha Giang province

Meet the northern ethnic groups

Visit of the Ba Be natural park and the Ban Gioc waterfalls

Several nights in homestays

Discovery of community development project

English speaking guide to translate, explain and interact with local people

Ha Noi – Bac Khan – Ba Be – Quang Binh – Nam Dam – Meo Vac – Cao Bang – Ban Gioc – Ha Lang – Bac Son – Ha Noi

Detailed program

Day 1 : Hanoi - Bac Khan

We get up on our motorbike, receive some advices from the guide, and we are ready to start our trip. We leave the capitol and its suburb, heading north to Ba Be national Park.

During the first kilometers, we ride on a national road before taking smaller tracks with less traffic. We will have time to enjoy the landscapes, visit tea plants which made Thai Nguyen famous and discover a brick oven.

Hanoi-voyage-a-moto-au-vietnam-13Tonight, we stop at Na Khan, a small hamlet where we will sleep in a traditional Vietnamese stilt house. After this long day, we will be warmly welcomed by our hosts, and will get a great dinner cooked by the housewife

Tay homestay / Private house / Shared room

170 km – 5h

: Guide and motorbikes

Day 2 : Bac Khan - Ba Be

Ba-Bevoyage-a-moto-au-vietnamAfter the breakfast, we will join the lake of Ba Be, 70km away from our house. It is the widest natural lake of North Vietnam. We settle again in a local’s people house, in Pac Noi village where we leave our motorbikes.We are getting on a small motorboat and start discovering the lake, surrounded by limestone cliffs and jungle, the landscape is stunning. We go through the Nang River until we stop by a small Vietnamese restaurant where we will have lunch.

Ba-Be-voyage-a-moto-au-vietnam-4During the afternoon, we visit the Dau Dang waterfalls before getting back on the boat to go across the lake. We stop on a small island to discover the An Ma temple.
Back to the village with the Tay family that hosts us.
Night in traditional stilt house.

: Tay homestay / Private house / Shared room

: 70 km – 3h

: Guide and motorbikes

Day 3 : Ba Be - Quang Binh

Thac-Ba-voyage-a-moto-en-petit-groupe-au-vietnam-63Thac-Ba-voyage-a-moto-en-petit-groupe-au-vietnam-D5We leave the Ba Be national Park to head west, in the north of the wide Thac Ba lake.
We drive onto little winding roads in the countryside and go through Tan Trao which was formerly the capitol of the liberated zone during the revolution of august 1945, which led to the declaration of independence on the 2nd of September of the same year. Tuyen Quang will remain a refuge area for the Communist Party and the government during the anticolonial war.

Finally, we reach Xuan Giang town. The house where we will spend the night is the result of actions done by organizations aiming for the community development. We will be able to discover the local traditions and also swim into the nearby waterfall.
Night in a traditional house.

: Night in Tay inn / Shared room

160 km – 5h30

: Guide and motorbikes


Day 4 : Quang Binh - Nam Dam

Hagiang-voyage-a-moto-au-vietnam-11 - copieWe ride on small countryside paths and reach back the national road QL2, in direction of Ha Giang, more to the north. We will stop few times to enjoy the landscapes and visit few villages of the Tay and Pa Then ethnic groups, with their traditional red suits.

Nam-Dam-voyage-a-moto-au-vietnam-23After we passed Ha Giang, we are gaining altitude, enjoying a great panorama of the countryside around us. The landscape is battered, we ride through mountains, small and larger valleys, winding roads, and get through the “Sky Gate”. We reach Quan Ba district, a region where the community development is growing more and more. It is indeed one of the poorest district in Vietnam, and the organizations try to help the local people diversifying their activities by participating in tourism projects, like with the Can Ty project that we will discover the day after.
We continue until we get to the Nam Dam village where the Dao ethnic group live. We settle here for the night.
Night in a homestay.

: Red Dao homestay / Private house / Shared room

150 km – 5h

: Guide and motorbikes

Day 5 : Nam Dam - Meo Vac

Hagiang-Can-Ty-voyage-a-moto-au-vietnam-3We leave the Dao village to meet the Blue H’mong of the Can Ty village, where we discover the local craft activity: the hemp weaving, done by the women. Organized into cooperatives and supported by a non-governmental association, they maintain their tradition which is tending to disappear because of the competition with the Chinese low priced production. Before Can Ty, we will also have the opportunity to stop at the Trang Trinh market. There, Blue H’mong and Dao meet in a warm and lively atmosphere.

Hagiang-voyage-a-moto-au-vietnam-7We continue our journey with a great winding path leading us higher, on a plateau where we will discover the former palace of the H’mong King of this province.
Back on the road, we soon arrive to Dong Van where we get lunch. The town has preserved a typical ambience thanks to its old market and its ancient houses in stone and tile.

The road still offers remarkable desolate landscapes. From the Ma Li Peng peak, you will be able to contemplate the mountains with their sharp contours, steep slopes and stone fields. The way down is vertiginous and impressive.
Arrival in Meo Vac where we spend the night in the former house of a prominent H’mong.
Night in inn.

: Night in inn / Room or  dormitory

130 km – 4h30

: Guide and motorbikes

Day 6 : Meo Vac - Cao Bang

Lolo-noirs-bao-lac-voyage-a-moto-au-vietnam-9This morning, we ride on a road further south and join Bao Lac city, only few kilometers away.
In this town is held a market every 5 days depending on the lunar calendar. If we land there on the right day, we will be able to visit it.
Short detour to pay a visit to the Black Lolo living in the region, and then we continue to Cao Bang.

Hagiang-voyage-a-moto-au-vietnam-25Depending on our timing, we will change direction, heading east to reach the Pac Bo cave located in a wooden valley. We will leave the motorbikes for a one hour walk. This is in this specific cave that Ho Chi Minh prepared the revolution against the French colonial troops. He named the mountain “Karl Marx” and the little stream “Lénine”.
Night in hotel.

: Night in hotel

190 km – 6h

: Guide and motorbikes

Day 7: Cao Bang - Ban Goc - Ha Lang

Hagiang-voyage-a-moto-au-vietnam-11We continue our ride to the east, in the direction of the Chinese border. Once we have passed the Ma Phuc peak, the scenery is changing: karst peaks, luxurious vegetation, little waterfalls, rivers and small hamlets. From this place where Tay and Nung ethnic groups live emanates serenity and great beauty.

On the way to Ban Gioc, we can stop at the traditional smithy village of Phuc Sen. Then, we reach the waterfalls, the widest of Vietnam, and can swim into it depending on the season.
It is also possible to visit the Nguom Ngao cave.

In the afternoon, we keep riding through wonderful landscapes until we reach the Ha Lang village where we will have dinner and spend the night in an ill.

: Night in ill

120 km – 4h

: Guide and motorbikes

Day 8: Ha Lang - Bac Son

Hagiang-voyage-a-moto-au-vietnam-24This morning, we ride small countryside roads along the Chinese border, then cross the Bang River before joining the famous colonial road number 4 at the level of Dong Khe, further south.
Named the “bloody road”, the CR4 connected few French military posts alongside the border, posts that where targeted frequently by attacks.

We leave the principal road to continue our way to Bac Son, a small province not widely known yet, where live the Tay minority. The bucolic landscapes and the nearness with Hanoi should soon attract more curious people.
Night in the hotel.

: Tay homestay / Private house / Shared room

170 km – 5h

: Guide and motorbikes

Jour 9 : Bac Son - Ha Noi

Hanoi-voyage-a-moto-au-vietnam-5Last step of our trip, we will spend the morning exploring around and will do a little climb on top of a hill to enjoy an impressive panorama of rice fields surrounded by karst peaks.
We finally head back to Hanoi to arrive there in the end of afternoon.

140 km – 4h

: Guide and motorbikes

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